We recruit and select through teams specialized in the practices in which they operate, conducting experts and leadership positions. Our methodology aims not only to identify top talents, but also to support the admission process and onboarding of new employees, thus ensuring a better integration to the new company.

Briefing and Need Definition

Understanding of customer´s neeeds and building of the profile sought, lending our knowledge and experience as consultants to the process. Set up of deadlines and evaluation criteria such as customer´s values and competencies.

Hunting, Mapping and Interviews

Candidates´active and targeted search. Initial evaluation of the identified profiles, validating the professional´s technical skills, interests and availability. Construction of a candidates´ mapping with the collected information. Competency-based interviews with Havik´s team of expert consultants, for validation of candidates. Tests can also be applied on demand.

Talent Lab and Final Selection

Talent Lab is a knowledge and mutual evaluation experience between companies and candidates. It is a possibility that Havik offers in order to provide sample of professional x company interaction, in terms of values, interests, purposes, technical and behavioral adherence. The professionals selected take part in presentations and case discussion with the company´s leadership and Havik´s consultants, providing more knowledge, security and speed to the process. After the final selection of hired candidates, Havik assists the entire flow, up until the time of admission. In addition, there is the possibility of hiring the Onboarding product (see Solutions page on this website).

Control Panel and Shortlist

Elaboration of periodic reports in order to provide information about the search´s progress. Submission of the shortlist of finalists, containing Havik´s evaluation of each candidate and recommendations of the consultant responsible for the process.