Avaliação Individual de Perfil

The individual profile evaluation is a process that aims to measure technical, behavioral and cultural grip of a professional to a specific function and organization. Can be applied to both a company´s employees and candidates to a position and, promoting a better understanding of the person concerned, provides a clearer identification of potential and a more assertive design of individual and organizational development plans. It can contribute to the assertiveness of the recruitment and selection process, reduction of admission and dismissal costs, self-knowledge, performance evaluation of employees and management of succession plans. 


We do not limit our work to mapping, recruitment and selection of professionals. Havik understands results as fruits generated in the medium and long terms. So we offer the Onboarding program for the leadership projects we conduct, whose main objective is to assist in adaptation and result generation of the company´s newly hired professionals. By marrying expectations and identifying, from the beginning, the need for possible alignments, we leverage synergies and results for both the professional and the company. 

Forms submission and completion

Each evaluator receives an electronic link consisting of questions representing the 7 key competencies. The questions are objective and rapidly completed, contributing to the participants´ adhesion.

Program´s Pillars and Matrix

Between 2 and 6 months after the admission of the newly hired professional, we start the program, which is based on three pillars: behavioral, technical and cultural. These pillars cover 7 key competencies, shared with the customer during the alignment process. At this time, there is also the definition of professional´s evaluators matrix.

Onboarding Report

Responses are received by Havik and consolidated in a report, consisting of charts and quantitative and qualitative information, identifying the adherence of the professional to the company and function.

Action plan

Inspired by the Coaching methodology, Havik´s consultant builds, along with the professional, a structured action plan to address the possible misalignment, generating greater synergy between the professional and the company.


In a face to face meeting between the Havik´s consultant and the assessed professional, the result is interpreted and shared, in order to identify possible alignment points between the professional and the company.