Our work changes lives


Havik understands that each individual is unique, just as each organization. 

Our goal is to promote contact between people and purpose, providing each of them a unique experience.

Havik is the talent recruitment and selection consultancy that differs in the way of looking at its own business: we seek to see the processes and projects in which we participate through the eyes of those who come to us.

What makes the human capital the major asset of corporations is not only curriculums, skills or competencies. We understand that the attitude of bearing fruits and making the difference is the greatest attribute professionals can lend to companies.

Out of these premises came the inspiration to transform a word in our brand. Havik comes from Goshawk, a noble bird of the order of hawks that lends us its name. Unique, fast and accurate - just some of the qualities we seek to share with our customers. In medieval times, they were man´s main mates and the legend says: "The one who hunts with a goshawk can see through its eyes."

Our mission is guided by this proposition: incorporate the vision of our clients, professionals, interfaces and candidates to the way we think, plan and act, with the use of the best resources to produce real and tangible results for all parties.

We are specialized in the markets that we operate. Knowledge of these markets, combined with a perfect understanding of their value chain, business dynamics and respective stakeholders, builds a distinguished view of these industries, their human capital and talent management challenges.

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Pharmaceutical industry

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Banks and Financial Services

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Technology, Internet and Telecommunication

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Transportation and Logistics